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    Question Using webspace for e-mails??

    Hi there -

    Probably a daft question, but I need to ask...

    At the moment, [email protected] is simply redirected to my Hotmail account.

    Something I'd really like to do is to be able to deal with e-mails on my webspace - receive, send, store, etc. Sort of like everything what I can do with my Hotmail account, only on my own webspace.

    I think that it may be possible to link Outlook Express to my site - but frankly I'm not stupid enough to connect it to the internet.

    Any ideas on what I may be looking for? If it's free, then great - but I don't mind paying something so long as I know I'm getting good security. Hm...encrypted?

    Your call - and thanks for any replies,


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    I think what you're looking for is IMAP. Visit for some more information. IMAP sessions can be done over SSL just like POP, if you want encryption. Your host will need to support this, of course. The main problem with IMAP at this time is that very few clients support it well (many support it, just not very well). The client with by far the best IMAP support I've used is Mulberry. There are also several webmail scripts that have good IMAP support, including IMP, SilkyMail (based on IMP), and Squirrelmail.

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    I'd have to vouch for Mulberry but it handles HTML emails very poorly. Outlook XP also supports IMAP so that is another one of your options.

    As for hosting, CPanel based servers use your disk quota against your email. CPanel also supports IMAP as well. If you're worried about encryption, you can get a SSL certificate for your domain and check your email via the web with webmail.

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    Not too worried about encryption - simply an afterthought - and I've plenty of webspace and bandwidth. The main concern is actually finding a user-friendly interface with no immediate security issues. This is a field I know nothing about, but I'm tired of using Hotmail.

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    Thinking about it, I could be asking about how to utilise a POP account. But like I said, I've no real idea here. I figure I need to install/purchse a user interface, but that's as far as I can figure.

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    Anyone any idea what I'm talking about

    Just thought I'd ask. Too remedial or too hard? Hmm...

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    Well, yahoo offers a service like this for 25$ year
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    Originally posted by Carboran
    Well, yahoo offers a service like this for 25$ year
    Yes, but with the Yahoo service, you cannot have their e-mail AND your website hosted elsewhere. I asked them if I could use an MX record for their e-mail service, so that I could host my website elsewhere. But the morons (or are they lazy?) at Yahoo won't let you do that, even if you want to host DNS elsewhere. So that means you are stuck with Yahoo webhosting, which is dumb.

    But anyways, your web host should be able to set this up for you, and most web hosts provide it. (Who is your host?) Cpanel, for example, includes two web-based e-mail interfaces.

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    If your host is running cpanel, then you have the choice of both NeoMail and Horde - both webmail interfaces that work pretty much the same as Hotmail does. (without the banners and low account size). While neither is as 'pretty' they do just a good a job - Horde especially.

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