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    How Much Bandwidth Do you burn out a Month?

    How much Do you Burn?
    I burn about a few GB's a month.
    How many do you guys Burn out? Is now a Google PR 6
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    Is this for individual servers or for the network?

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    Family web site - March 2009 - "Total Used: 34,142.161 MB"

    Our "family" web site (not the one in my Signature) is shown at "Total Used 34,142.161 MB" for March 2009.

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    ....... alot!
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    Less than 1GB. Sites are just getting rolling though so it is increasing - A worldwide leader in Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

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    And it was on a plan with a 50 GB bandwidth quota

    Quote Originally Posted by EditDNS-Tyler View Post
    ....... alot!
    The site was on an old plan, with a 50 GB bandwidth quota. When I saw that bandwidth use, yesterday, I contacted OLM Sales. They changed the site to the new plan, at the same price, with a 3000 GB quota. Thank you OLM!

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    My biggest site used 27GB in march & 1.7GB in the last 24 hours.

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    On or proxy servers around 100TB a month. On our shared servers about 2-3TB a month.

    - Daniel
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    err..can i ask..? if its 2-3TB a many unique users and page views are we looking at..?
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    For one day on of our sites:
    This report contains overall statistics.

    Successful requests: 1,299,740
    Average successful requests per day: 1,300,642
    Successful requests for pages: 175,591
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 175,712
    Failed requests: 884,212
    Redirected requests: 1,643,195
    Requests with informational status code: 63
    Distinct files requested: 69,668
    Distinct hosts served: 105,026
    Corrupt logfile lines: 3,336
    Data transferred: 1.04 terabytes
    Average data transferred per day: 1.04 terabytes
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    One of our clients seems to make a point of pushing each of their servers to its bandwidth cap on each server so by himself pushes 47TB.
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    One of the server customers pushes 10TB+ with his streaming music.

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    My company's website uses 4-5GB each month with 10.000 unique visitors.

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    With my personal websites I burn about 20GB bandwidth a month.

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    Including customer websites and hosted applications? A little over 40TB per month.

    For my own little personal project? Only about 25GB per month.
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    i used to have a proxy that used up about 200gb bw per month

    my forum uses around 35-50gb per month depending on the season - usually high during christmas and summer time, horrible around February to April lol

    hosting site uses up a few gigs a month, pretty good, not too much and not too little

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    Quote Originally Posted by CretaForce View Post
    My company's website uses 4-5GB each month with 10.000 unique visitors.
    Thats pretty much standard now a days,however If that's a Target Specified Website,then Those are really Good numbers. Is now a Google PR 6
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    More or less around 300mg a month. My plan is 5gb space, 150g bw so I'm one of those small sites hosts love. Hopefully when I get done working on the website (gonna take awhile doing this alone) I should be getting more hits.
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