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    I recently decided to set up a motorcycle enthusiast site. Wow has a lot changed since the last time I put up a site. While I could just use a text editor and web browser that seems passe. I think I know what I want to do so I want to run it past you.

    I want the site to primarily reside in a database. Calls to the site would activate a script that would bring recent content within the database together for viewing. For example the front page would have a list of recent articles, reviews and forum posts. This would allow people to update content through the site, and the front page would be updated automatically.

    The portion most used would be the forums. It appears most forums are written with PHP and mySQL. Boy what ever happened to Java?

    So I will need a host the provides 2 mySQL databases and PHP. Have I missed anything?

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    Welcome to WHT

    yes any host with mySQL db at PHP should work just fine. checkout as well as as i think they provide (for free) the type of software you are looking for.

    vbportal (can't think of the URL) and havn't used it before but that might also work

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    Thanks for the links. Since I am not into the slash dot look I probably won't use them. Still I may experiament with them since there are hints of additional flexability on the way.

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    It looks like XMB is the most popular forum software. Is that whats being used here?

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    vbulletin is being used here.
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    also look into phpBB, and invisionboard

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