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    I need a very small PHP/Perl script

    I've searched now 3 hours for a search script like at .
    But i didnt find anything.

    So i was wondering if anybody could be so kind to make me a script like this for free. Basicly, i need almost a copy of the freewebspace search script. I also need it to search hosts like at fws.

    Please help me out


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    i may be able to help you out

    you want a section on your site where you type in information on websitehosts yer? and then, when someone does a search, it will pick the suitable webhosts out of the lists that u have made?

    if so i can help you out. would you be able to link to us in return?

    if your interested them send mail to :

    [email protected]

    and i will show u an example pf a script i am doing for someone now

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