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    setting up to resell dedicated servers...

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    i'm sure a lot of you guys on these forums resell dedicated servers.

    i was wondering how you go about pricing your packages. do you come up with different packages? do you tell your client where you're getting it from? do you have to let your provider know that you are reselling the whole dedicated server? what about tech support? do you offer it?... or get help from provider? advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Hey Scorpion, do you think those who are reselling are gonna give you their secrets

    I can tell you a couple things even though i'm not in the business:

    Depends on what kind of reselling you are looking to do...

    1. Managed reselling - you manage the servers - clients have no direct contact with your provider. You purchase the servers directly from the provider(s) and your clients pay you to watch their server. All support tickets are handled by you and if it is something you cannot fix you go to the provider for help. You may or may not receive a commission or discount (depends on the company) for your efforts. Tip: If you can, buy servers in bulk amounts - most companies will give you a break on the setup or monthly fee for doing so.

    2. You place offers on your website at equal or slightly higher price than the provider and you receive a commission. Here you are the Rep for these clients however your customers do deal directly with the provider and receive support directly from them.
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