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    ServInt rolls out new VPS packages

    Today ServInt announced big upgrades to their line of VPS packages, with increases in memory, disk space and transfer. Details are here:

    ServInt is a long-established and very respected VPS provider. I think that today's upgrades makes them highly competitive in the fully-managed VPS market.

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    This should be moved to the advertising forum or perhaps the industry announcements, one of the two.
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    Wherever it gets moved to, it should be noticed
    I've been with ServInt for just a tad over 4 years and have NEVER questioned my choice.
    Their offering is one they truly care about. This current round of FREE upgrades is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean M View Post
    This should be moved to the advertising forum or perhaps the industry announcements, one of the two.
    Hi Sean,

    I'm not a ServInt employee. I work for a non-profit association in Labrador, Canada. I've been a very satisfied ServInt client for many years. All I did in my original message is share some news and voice my opinion. I hope that's OK

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    I am also extremally happy with ServInt since many years! Fantastic support, 2 min responce tickets and very realiable hardware.
    Keep Up good work ServInt!

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    Funny. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a discussion here with members suggesting that Servint would get a lot more attention if they would improve their offer. Now we have that. We'll see how the potential customers react.

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    ServInt is upgrading my VPS faster than I can use it! lol I'm really not joking either. Since I've been hosting with them I've seen 3 upgrades to my VPS (essential) and I think this is the biggest one yet but they've all been pretty sweet upgrades. The only downtime I've had with them too was my own stupidity and their support team has done a fantastic job. I would say everyone should go switch to ServInt but I'm greedy and don't want to share the awesomeness. :-D

    Edit: There has also been very minimal downtime for maintenance here and there but that's it. When I wake up hearing so many of my friends, "My host is down again, dang you MT" but of course my stuff is up and rock solid as always.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc View Post
    Funny. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a discussion here with members suggesting that Servint would get a lot more attention if they would improve their offer.
    Mostly the "low" storage size was mentioned. But ServInt uses "15K RPM SCSI/SAS hard drives in RAID 10" for their storage. As a customer for five years ServInt I always had the feeling that they think about their current customers first and not just lure new customers for quick cashflow nore pushing new features without testing them with care. And they have great people in support and billing which are personal and helpful. You can buy new hardware easily, but you cannot buy a good team.

    After all these years they deserved a praise and I can start feeling a bit less guilty now ;-)

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    Thumbs up

    I've been with ServInt for almost five years now and am very happy that I made the decision to go with them. I was looking for a solid VPS provider and had whittled the options down to three companies. Pre-sales support was excellent and the technical support I've received since signing up has been second-to-none.

    I believe this is the second or third round of free upgrades since I joined. It represents excellent value for money and I wouldn't hesitate recommending ServInt's products to anyone looking for a web hosting provider.

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    I've been hosting a bunch of years with ServInt (probably about 10) and I've never been happier about systems I couldn't touch myself daily. I've seen lots of folks who are one line, five servers all oversubscribed, DNS on the same subnet hosting providers who are cheaper, but ServInt's the cream of the crop.

    The VPS upgrades come at a perfect time for me, since I need to expand my customer base, but don't need to expand my hosting budget!


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    Just have to throw my vote in here as well.
    Just a fantastic company to be with - we run a helpdesk web-application on our VPS servers at ServInt, and uptime is critical to us for our customers - uptime since Jan 2007 is 99.9919%
    here's the stats:

    Service is superb - the free upgrades the cream.

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    Thumbs up very happy

    I've been with Servint for about 5 years, and I'm very happy with them.

    I don't have a lot of experience with other host providers, but I think Servint rocks.

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    I've been with at least 10 different webhosts and ServInt has been the best by far. Totally reliable, always up, and tech support is always very fast, friendly, and competent if there's anything I need. I also had no problems upgrading and downgrading my account as my needs changed.

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    I see it's been a while since my last post here and that's probably because ServInt is hosting my websites since half 2007 and I have nothing bad to say about them... Probably I could have said many good things, but you know, people, and I include myself, tend to spend time writing complains but not compliments.

    Today ServInt has given big and free upgrades on their VPS line and since it looks like this can be a great day on ServInt's history I thought I could come here and say my word for posterity and give something back since I knew about ServInt here

    ServInt service is superb in all aspects, but you probably knew that already. I'm happy I'm with ServInt
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    Thumbs up Only love.

    I have been with Servint for more than 4 years now and never had to deal with a negative emotion towards them. Only love.

    To the owner(s) of the company:
    Thanks a lot for the stability and reliability you have provided to my online businesses. You are a reference in the industry. And thanks for the upgrade!

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