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    FTP access side accounts?

    Hey, I have a quasy custom setup of my hosting rig, but I would like some kinda way to setup users that can FTP into the server and be restricted to one folder, without messing with normal linux user accounts.

    Its for giving people a ftp access without giving them the ability to screw up the backend of thier sites.

    Is there a program any of you know that can do this? I guess best would be some kinda virtual FTP program. where I can quickly create FTP user and password and define what folder they have access too.

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    A customer asked me this same question yesterday. Here's what I told him:

    useradd (username)
    passwd (username)
    pico /etc/passwd ; edit the users line from /usr/home/username/ to /usr/home/accountname/username (or whatever it is)

    Then do
    mkdir /usr/home/accountname/username
    chown username.www /usr/home/accountname/username

    That should give you a web accessible FTP only directory

    Of course you will need to make sure that the user is under the proper group, and your setup may differ from what our customers have
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    yes I did this awhile back but found it was a little to much work to, and it created another linux user, and also it allowed the user to FTP up directories and peek around the server which i didnt want. I was hoping someone came across a ftp program that didnt create hard users, but more like virtual users under one user or group, so i could just go and enter a new user and they would login and get dumped to a specific folder. For example, currently i use a web based perl file manager that creates virtual users under the apache group, and does almost everything that ftp does, but doesnt allow chmod which my customers want.

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