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    * Wanted website facelift


    I'm looking for a facelift for my site: Things I think I will need: (But open to suggestions)


    I would like to keep - have an open source look and feel. It is our main focus.. Guess I am just fond of penguins...

    A custom template: Preferably in php (if possible) I am currently using some includes on the existing site and it worked for me but I'm sure there are better ways. Want to keep a similar color scheme (mostly blue) in the template. I think I will end up with 4 different pages that consist of the main content. (I can put the content in
    1. Main Page :
    2. Products pages: (one template)
    3. Informational pages: (one template)
    4. Support Pages: (One template) Would also like some kind of icons for the support options or different area's.

    I kind of like the JavaScript nav. I can handle the JS work but I am open to suggestions. Possibly even take the existing JS off the site and enhance it?

    I don't know if these would be considered different templates because I have never worked with a web designer. I assume that only minor changes will be necessary to build the different information.

    Logo fix: I want to keep the same logo but give it a 3D look. Other than that I don't know I would just like it to look better on the website.

    Basically, I am looking for a more 3D design that flows better. I would also like some graphic's placed (maybe some people and so on) As you can see I kind of like things plain or not very cluttered (at least that is what I was trying to do.)

    Don't know how the process works, If I could get a sample shot to make a decision that would be great. Have cash in hand for design. I would prefer a custom template that will not be resold if that makes sense..


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    I believe the post has been filled

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