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    I need some Help doing this

    Look at the URL above, i need to somehow enter all of that into a word document so it can be printed on Avery Labsls template 5160

    Any idea on how to do this?

    it is due in a few hours Any IDeas at all?
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    Hmmz .. If you have it only in HTML that might be impossible.. they there in plain text ... no table or anything...

    I realy hope someone else can help you

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    I can convert it into text?
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    Actually, it's possible, but you may need to write a special program in Perl or another language for that. If there's HTML tags embedded in that it'll take much longer. I would put in a request in the Jobs Offers and Requests forum and see if anyone's willing to do it for you.
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    to be honest the time taken for a fancy solution would be better spent on cut and pasting it into a table of the right size. sometimes the old fashioned way is the best, sorry if this is bad news but its just my opinion.

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    As mentioned, you can turn the page into a text file by copy and paste. Using notepad, it will take a number files due to the size of the page. If all you want is the name and address -- mailing labels?, then it would take considerable manual effort or some program to delete the unwanted information and characters.

    If all you want are mailing labels and time is important, the quickest method may be "brute force". Copy the page on your printer and start typing! I'm estimating there are about 1200-1500 names and addresses, a reasonably fast typist could do 2-3 one across labels per minute.
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