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Thread: Dominet is down

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    Dominet is down

    my site hosted by dominet is down. i can't access my website, ftp, forum and control panel. ftp simply won't let me log in. and my site gives me a "504 gateway timeout - server unreacheable contact the administrator"

    anyone having the same problem today?

    i started having this problem 10PM PST October 29.
    it's now pass 1AM PST October 30.

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    No offence, but this is not a support platform for any host. Please call them directly, they should be able to provide you with more info and assistance.


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    Hello Setheus,

    DomiNET was not down. We have servers in several locations in US.

    We had a Kernel problem with one of our servers (unfortunately the server where your site is). Im sure your site is up and running since a long time ago!

    Sorry for this late WHT reply...but we reply tickets faster than WHT posts

    Anyway email me for some extra bw and storage for your account.

    Best regards!
    Joman Sierra

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