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    Plan/Package Names

    What are some of the best names of shared hosting plans/packages you have heard of? I am definately interested in this, as I am going to be changing plan names for our shared hosting plans soon. (I'm not planning on copying, just want to see what are some of the most interesting/itriguing/eyecatching plan/package names.) Also, do you think rather interesting plan names help sell your product or lean you towards purchasing a company's product? In my opinion, it can't hurt.
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    Why not pick another theme than Basic/Premier/Advanced or Silver/Gold/Platinum?

    Something like Apprentice/Master/Wizard maybe?
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    Gimmicks certainly work when used properly.

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    One thing that we were dicussing was trying to target the plans at certain people. Gaming seems to be a popular niche, so we decided to aim a portion of our plans towards gamers. But we just figured this would alienate anyone not interested in gaming from choosing such a package, In the end it was back to square one: choosing an attractive yet generic name whilst also giving a small descriptions (e.g. Game Site Webmasters will love this plan....")

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