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Thread: STPWebHosting?

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    Any experiences w/ ? Looks pretty sweet to me...

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    Have you searched for them here?
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    Yeah, didn't find a bit of info here

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    Can anyone take a look at this link and tell me if this is reasonable? I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to evaluating what is good and what is not. This would be for a personal website. Don't need alot of bandwidth.

    Their domain name registration is pretty cheap. Should I go with them as opposed to

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    Owner or webmaster of that host should fix his home page..

    $1.5, $2.5? lol..and his privacy statement at bottom has no link...

    10 MB Store space? So we get a Store?

    Looking at it..either it's someone young, or foriegn with basic English skill, which would account for the text.. Nice looking design though...

    Sorry, I just notice things like that...

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