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    Jackchen Guest


    Is good and reliable?
    Anyone here has any experience with them? Are their tech support good and reliable?

    Would you recommend it?


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    Guest Guest


    I just want to make a few points.

    They stole the 99.9% up time button on their site from

    Their layout looks just like:

    How can someone host your web site with 200 MB for only $180 and no other fees, ever?

    Lines, support, servers and much more cost money. It is not just a one time fee cost, but a monthly cost. They don't even offer SSL, so how can you sell something online without a secure server?

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    Guest Guest


    I have never used them, but I would suggest you be cautious about any company who is giving away the kitchen sink. I am not saying it is a scam, but a company like that is more likely to go out of business than most others.

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    Guest Guest


    Why do you say they will go out of business? Could you elaborate on that?

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    Guest Guest


    It's a one off fee you pay, so who pays the electric, bandwidth, storage, maintainance, admin, tech support bills for the next 100 years or whatever. However if they get a decent amount of customers each month then they should be able to support you for some time to come.

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    Guest Guest


    I have used them and as of today 12/12/99 I would say they are THE worst host I've ever had...Tech support is Rude and they have lied to me many times...If it looks to good to be true is!!

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    Guest Guest


    Hi guest, could you tell me more about your experience by emailing me at please?

    Thank you


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    Vimm Guest


    I've been using for a few months and I could tell you quite a bit about them. The deal seemed too good to be true for me as well but I figured I'd give it a shot. First off, they offer "Unlimited bandwidth" but if you check the policy it's really only 5GB per moth. Who's going to fill up 200MB of space and NOT use 5GB per month?? At the moment they seem to have outgrown themselves and are having trouble answering questions.

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    Guest Guest


    NoMonthlyFees has been very unreliable. The server has been down every 2 days.
    I am very unhappy with them

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    Guest Guest


    Well nomonthlyfees finally turned my site back on after 8 days, 10 minutes after I signed up with another web host (ARGH!!!). They final gave me the straightforward response I needed and took some action. If it hadn't taken 8 days to get this I would amost complement them for it.


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    Guest Guest


    I am the one that said they are THE worst host I've ever had.
    I picked Cedant Hosting solutions we had one problem that they fixed(I of course panicd) but things have been fine since.

    I have filed a complaint with the BBB And would say to you get out now..they are not a good host at all and will only hurt your site in the end.

    There needs to be a way to regulate these hosts. This has been the most frustruating thing I have ever been through.

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    Guest Guest


    Well there's you're problem. How do you regulate the internet? I'm afraid people have been asking that for years and there's still no solution.

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    Guest Guest


    I agree.
    But perhaps we can regulate hosting companies. Then again....

    How can we be expected to rely on the recommendations of Web Host Guild and VeriHost when you see some of the hosts they accept.

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    Guest Guest


    I have been a reseller with NoMonthly for 6 months now. It is true there is virtually no Tech Support, i.e., it is VERY slow, but I''ve not had any major problems. In a pinch, you can call them.
    I traced their registration back to Alabanza, and discovered that one can set up a server with Alabanza with the same Control Panel, etc. and set up your own web host business. That''s why Cedant, NoMonthly and a few others all look alike and have the same control panels. They are themselves leasing servers from bigger guys.

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    Guest Guest


    Yes, nowadays alot of people are leasing server from Alabanza, their features are the same, so are the prices. Although I am going to lease a few servers from alabanza, I'll make sure I'll always offer something which most of the companies have not offer.

    Take care and cya around!


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