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    Question PhP, ODBC, SQL.... :boggle: I just want to use a PhP Forum :)

    Hi everyone

    After some tweaking, I finally got my HostOnce account working and uploaded PhPBB2 to the htdocs/ directory... yay! However, I am not sure what kind of database I should setup on the virtual control panel for it to support PhPBB2.

    On the ODBC section of the control panel, should I create an Access, SQL server, or Text ODBC?

    I am thinking about going Text, but without documentry anywhere on the control panel, I am not sure which one my PhPBB forum needs.

    I am using the PhPBB installation guide as a reference:
    You have a running web service provider

    1) Your web host is running the mysql version 3.x database

    2) Your web host is running PHP 4
    :boggle: how to tell if my host runs PhP4?

    3) Your web host has given you a database to use, along with the username, password, and server address (if different from the webserver)
    Hmm it means the ODBC I am setting up, right?

    4)Your web host has given you ftp access, and you know which directory is the base directory for your web pages.

    This is such a thrilling learning experience for me!
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    Sadly, you chose the wrong host for the purpose.

    HostOnce does not support PHP and MySQL.

    You need to either find a host that does or use a different board.

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    If your talking about they are on the Windows OS, reading their web site, it saids:

    Hosted on Windows 2000 servers with full support for ASP, Perl and ODBC database connectivity.

    You should be able to use an access db, however they don't have PHP installed so I think you should contact support or look for an ASP based forum.

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    ASP forum: Snitz

    I'm using Snitz Forums with Access on Windows:

    It's free, very easy to install and manage.
    Access should be good enough for up to 10 simultaneous users.

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