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    I've seen this thread in the past but many things could have changed over time. Share your favorite shareware with others on WHT. I know I've downloaded some from recommendations of others and I thought they were great ideas. So what have you downloaded that to some may be a simple program but you can't live without?

    My favorite:
    ePrompter --
    E-mail prompter that works from your systray. What I like about ePrompter is that I can see my e-mail from the server before it hits my PC. This allows me to delete spam and potential viruses without taking a chance at becoming infected.

    Log Monitor --
    I just downloaded this one today but it looks like a nice little program. Let's you monitor files and folders for changes and will alert you if any changes occur.
    Mark Blair

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    I dont use much, but I love eprompter, best thing in the world to use
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    My mail client does the same as ePrompter. The Bat! is highly configurable, I love the quoting, though it does cost money, as for free things, I hate loading an image suite (PS, gimp, etc) just to grab a color. I use Hex Color Finder. Its free.

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