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    Angry Nodehosting - What the HECK is going on?!?!

    Nodehosting.. very nice prices, great servers.. nightmare support, terrible backbone (Sprint). I will say that I worked with Alan over the phone to resolve an issue and he was very helpful. But that was it. Now my site has been unreachable (depending on which side of Sprintlink you are situated) for the past two days, and Nodehosting has not responded to any e-mails. I call the 24 hour support line and it just says Frank is out on personal business all week, and to please call the 24 hour support line--nice infinite loop there.

    So can someone please tell me what in the world is going on with Nodehosting?! I'm so upset right now. I need my site UP, I have closing deals in the next few days and I need my stuff accessible.

    I guess i'd just like to know... what in the world is going on w/ Nodehosting? It seems like a chaotic mess to me, not a company. All i want to do is call to tell them to please call Sprint and tell them to fix their problem.

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    Ummm wow...this dont seem good. I used to work for them about a year ago. Let me contact some of the staff that i know that works there and see if i can get some of them to help you out.

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    Sounds like a raw deal. I hope you can contact them soon.
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