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    * iKiwi Resellers Plans - New Server - XP


    iKiwi Internet Limited is proud to offer this,

    Athlon XP 1600+ (1.4 GHz)
    1 GB RAM

    Servers based here,

    Plan 1
    1gig Space
    18gig BW
    2 I.Ps - for private name servers.
    US$19.95/month, get a US$10 credit if its your 2nd resellers account with ikiwi!

    Full Details and To order please go here,

    Also note our paid yearly savings,
    Plan 1 1gig, 18gig Bandwidth/month
    Normally US$189.95 /year contact me for $149.95 for the year.
    Thats a saving of US$89.45 on the monthly price.

    You may be able to find cheaper deals here on WHT - but if you are reselling this hosting as "quaility" shared hosting accounts you must deliver that promice to your clients so becareful in who you choose to supply your resellers solutions.
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