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    low cost advertisement plans

    We currently have two ad plans available.

    A text ad on the top of everypage (you will definetely get every page view and impression) $50 a month
    You can put you text ad in the black box or right next to it.

    Dedicated banners (460x60). $2 for each dedicated banner spot. You choose the number of banners you want to place on our site (multiply that by $2 to get total price) and you may choose their locations (excludes home page).
    [email protected]

    we get 2600-3000+ unique visitors a day and around 5000-7500 page views a day.
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    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    3 other hosts with adverts all on the first page i visit..
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    we are spreading out the host related adverts.
    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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