Greetings WHT members

A set of domain name software is up for sale exclusively to WHT members:

1. Ultimate Expired Seeker searches for expired domain names in Yahoo, Dmoz, LookSmart, Altavista, and Teoma (AllTheWeb). Tired of waiting for Yahoo surfers to review your site or spending the $299 with no results? Get listed in Yahoo! immediately with this software. Also contains an offline filtering interface similar to DeletedDomains. Feel free to PM me for more details on how it works. Competitor's price tag $99

2. WhoisAvailable finds expired domain names for you using the Internic database, with a 3 and 4 character name generator to give you a competitive edge. Competitor's price tag $19.95

3. Ultimate Domain Browser does the work while you surf. Use it on ANY search engine or site. Software will spit out domain names expired from the sites you visited. Competitor's price tag $149.95

4. Link Popularity Checker to help evaluate how much a domain name is worth. Using Altavita and any other requested search engines*.

Total Cost if you buy it directly from others $269
Total Cost if you buy it directly from me $55 - that's a $214 or 79% savings.

PM me for more details

*For a small fee, given it is not against thier policy