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Thread: cant use mail()

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    cant use mail()

    i have a dedi server with plesk and redhat

    i can send and recieve mail using pop smtp no problem

    but when i want to use mail function like this
    mail("[email protected]", "the subject", "Line
    1\nLine 2\nLine 3");
    it doesnot send mail

    anyone have idea?

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    Does it show any kind of error, or does it simply not send mail? I would check your php.ini file (usually in /usr/local/lib), especially this block:

    [mail function]
    SMTP = localhost ;for win32 only
    sendmail_from = [email protected] ;for win32 only
    ;sendmail_path = ;for unix only, may supply arguments as well (default is 'sendmail -t -i')

    (this is on my box)

    Be sure to restart Apache when done editing php.ini.
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    no error just donot send mail

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    perhaps your php build doesnt support mail. make sure autoconf was able to find sendmail when you were compiling php.

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    Maybe no FROM field is causing this

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    Or maybe your email address is simply not working. I made that mistake once

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