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    Trouble with squareinternet/starhosts

    I just want to warn everyone about the crappyness that is (now taken over by

    I paid for hosting from them for 2 years. Approximately 1 year into this hosting period, got taken over by who have no intention of continuing to host my site

    They gave no notice that the service would be discontinued, meaning I lost a whole set of forums and a journal, both of which are un replaceable.

    Also, to add insult to injury, when i signed up they promised that they would register the domain under my name, so that I would own it. I look now only to see that it is actually registered under their name, and it appears that I do not own it. If anyone wants to check, you can run a search on

    I used this hosting company on reccommendation of 2 friends, both of whom were also screwed over by the company in the end. A friend of mine filed a complaint with trading standards about them (I have since done the same) and was told that squareinternet owe the government money and are behind on their business taxes, as well as having messed around a large amount of people.

    Iwould STRONGLY advise people NOT to buy hosting from or - these are the only aliases I know that the company goes by.

    I would love to hear from anyone else who has been mis treated by squareinternet or starhosts, drop me an email on [email protected] or a msn at the same address.

    Thanks, and remember to avoid this company.

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    Its sad ..have you tried calling them?

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    Hee, conveniently, they declined to put their phone number on their website. I wonder why.

    Anyway, after some ferreting in i managed to find it, even though it looks a little suspicious. I'm gonna give it a ring tomorrow.

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    kewl..Keep us updated then..

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    Called starhosts this morning...
    Rang for a looooonnnnggg time...
    No reply :E

    Let's hope trading standards have more luck =/

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