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    1,227 HIGHLY recommended for ASP/oracle work

    If anyone is looking for some work done in ASP/oracle field, I can highly recommend this company or invididual. He is the sort that will guarantee you with the solution you need. I had him develop me a script which was exact to my specifications in a DAY.. YES 1 DAY. I had plan that it would at least take a few days. I think his website is

    I believe he also does PHP, Perl, javascript and database stuff.. Sylow, if you're reading this, your level of service is awesome

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    if I was not checking stat of my site I would miss this compliment
    Thanks for appreciation. It is a good motivator.
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    Gokhan Arli
    Web Developer(RubyOnRails/MySQL/.NET)

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    sylow I will keep you in mind. I do all my own stuff but on occasion I have over-flow work.

    Kudos to Universal for letting people know when someone has treated him right.
    Stupid, but trying.

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