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    the Policy thing

    I do realize a webhosting provider must protect himself, in priority one but I suspect it's not always done fair to his clients. Taking into account some seen policies, got me thinking a host IS always right. Do we have some sort of EULAgood/bad ratio to end users or something. It's really frustrating to see how every damn one out of 'em doing its own magic. This thing should be categorised in a more robust way, what's good/bad. I think. One takes fines, another immediately terminates (account), but NOBODY puts their Privacy Police in their first place. Coz those figures are just taking us wild... you know.

    hell, I'm just a n00b, what I was thinking.

    (move it to the proper forum, thanks)

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    yo no soy comprendo (sp?)
    can you explain?
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    that is funny post...

    reminds me some of my support tickets

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