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    1 Of these if you register a Domain Name for me.

    Click here to check them out

    If you register a Domian for me in my name for 2 years you could have 1 of these,

    Your company name will be put on it,

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    Please tell me you have copyrights to use that thing with the paint supplies..

    And please tell me you arent just loading it from a CD and putting text on it..

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    ok well that one i did get the images form clip art, i forgot about that , so i'll remove that one,

    Thanks for pointing it out,

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    Well, I think you are able to use clip-art, if you have the license to do so.

    I think he was stating that he hopes you didn't just take those already made images/banners off some CD.


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    I don't think too many peope would go for that..
    If you know howto register a domain, you probably know howto make a better logo.

    More customizable, etc.
    Just get a good friend, parent/relative to register it for you.

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    give me 20 and a domain is yours for 2 years, i'll make the logo myself in paint *grin*

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