I was looking at allabouthosting.co.uk Their servers are actually in the US though. I met the owner of allabouthosting on another hosting forum and he seemed very friendly. And their website seems pretty fast. I am kind of having a few problems with my current host.. (ie. packet loss) The tech support is good.. but i was told that the packetloss is out of their control eventhough it is the router right before the actual webserver. don't get it.

And allabouthosting is a little cheaper also. So if anyone has heard an goods or bads then fire off. I kind of feel guilty switching hosting companies, but if it is more reliable and cheaper i really have no other option. The packetloss is usually very minimal, but it gets very bad at times.

Or if anyone else has any recomendation. I am looking for
100-200megs of space
6-8gigs of BW
Host 2 domains
For around $10/month