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    Please, if you are considering True hosting. I urge you to look through this site first.

    Please read through everything they have. That page is not the only one. Then please go to and do a search on True Hosting, and go to the alt.www.webmaster forum. This form has tons of information that you need to read. And if that isn't enough. Please email me.

    Note that iBill their billing company has cut them off. Their Back bone server should as well.

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    Thumbs down

    Because of the pressure, he seems to be creating new pages.

    Please do not sign up for the service.

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    Another note: someone named "Bradley Goodman" from "Vector Enterprises" is now claiming to act for True Hosting due to some supposed merger/acquisition. Please refer to alt.www.webmaster or
    to read the "Goodman" emails.

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    You forget that TrueHosting offers a reseller plan. That is proably just an unfortunate reseller. Just look at the prices!

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    I have to agree. I had an insanely horrible ordeal with TrueHosting. If I could afford a lawyer, I would have sued. When my password suddenly stopped working for the control panel or for my mail, they said (after a three day wait for a reply) that it was because my site took up a lot of bandwidth! Huh? Then one day, my whole site just disappeared. They said they didn't know what happened, and instructed me to upload the whole site again! After many such debacles, we finally gave up.

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    Update on this whole fiasco: Colossus has confirmed to several people that they are pulling service on True Hosting.

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    Yeppers. Should be about 12 days and counting according to my mail...

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    How are the current clients going to be dealt with.(luckily not me) Are they going to lose their service and cause more problems?

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    Since True Hosting refuses to answer any questions (and, in fact, denies that colossus is shutting him off), it is impossible to know how current customers will be affected.

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    Unfortunally most of us who have written Colossus, and have received notice that they are shutting him off are actually EX-customers.
    I suggest that you contact True hosting VIE email. Ask them what is going to happen. They of course will deny it. But when they do, take a look at
    Then look at the
    FROM:Colossus Inc...
    That will prove that we DO in fact have notice they are being cut off. Try to talk to True Hosting again, or choose to do so

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    If you have trouble closing your account go to and they will do it for you the phone number is on the contact page. That way you have nothing to do with true host and ibill has more power over truehost on who gets charged. This only works if ibill appears on your credit card statement.
    You guys say that colucus is going to shut down the servers. What stops truehost form moving servers to a different host? And you say that iBill is going to shut them down. What stops them from starting a new companies or finding a new cc processor for their billing?

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    Red face

    They are now back in business operating on Alabanza servers and by the looks of it the owner is trying to pretend that he's changed in to some sort of good guy (check out alt.www.webmaster)

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    They sux

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    Red face a summer 2000 thread.

    this got bumped up a few thousands places didnt it.

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    I must be missing

    Im must be missing something wheres everyone else's post it seems like guest is talk to his or her self. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
    Charles Baker - Company Operations

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    Wow. These TrueHosting people seem to be awful. I am very sorry that they affected so many good people. This forum is an excellent channel I feel to post updates like this to. It helps stop someone else from getting scamed.

    Thanks Again - WebHosting for as little as .16 cents per day. Quality and Reliable Services

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    I'm probably wrong here but I know Annette had a ton of trouble with these guys (TH), and when she left she pulled most of her posts as well, so that might explain it. Also I think there might have been two 'guests' in that conversation. But yeah, it looks odd


    Yeah these guys are the archetypical hosting nightmare. Sadly he/they are still in business under a few different names now. Why he's not in jail is still beyond me.

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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