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    Question Any1 want to help with site to help users pick a host?EG. Short report on a host

    I am looking to setup quite a large website to help users pick a hosting company.
    I will have short reports on many companies just with a few details which can normally be found right on their site but I am putting it all together to make it a lot easier.
    If anyone would like to help in any way it would be greatly appreciated as I am doing a work of work on it myself.
    If you have a lot of spare time and would like to be a partner in the site please just ask and tell me what you would be able to do.
    I am putting up a phpbb forum so users and hosts can also talk so its just just reports on sites which will hopefully make it more interesting.
    I have started a site design and reports myself but I do not yet have a host to put it up on for you to have a look sorry.
    If you require any more information please just ask,
    Thanks a lot

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    Hi I would be interested in helping out. I have a fair share of free time. I'm not too much of a php script writer or anything, but i can help mantain the site, update records and what not. PM if you would like.

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    Thanks for offering, just sent you a PM

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