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    Anyone Else Receive this Notice From Transoptics?


    I just recently received an email from Transoptics, Inc. about my hosting plan with them (3Mb/s Cogent plan). The email was sent on Sunday Oct. 27th, 2002 at 11:25PM. It reads as follows:

    TransOptics, Inc. is sending this notification to make customers aware of
    major changes to our business operations. We have seen a deep decline in
    interest for our Cogent network and the majority of our customers have
    migrated their services onto our Internap network. This makes our current
    Cogent network very inefficient and a poor business decision for
    TransOptics, Inc. to maintain. We will continue to offer Cogent, but it
    will be from a new facility and at different price points.

    Thursday October 31st at midnight, we will move data centers and all Cogent
    services as they are today will no longer be in place. Customers that
    decide to remain TransOptics customers will receive new IP addresses in the
    next 24 hours so that new DNS entries, etc. can be made. We will then move
    all servers to a new facility on Thursday night which will result in 2-3
    hours of downtime. This facility will remain Cogent bandwidth and will have
    other carriers for redundancy (multi-homed). We can also setup temporary
    VPS severs on our Internap network to facilitate the transfer for any
    customers. If this is needed, please contact [email protected] and
    let us know your requirements.

    Customers that make the move will be subject to this pricing:

    P3 1 ghz servers with 3 mb/s will be billed at $139/mo (up from $75/mo
    Additional Cogent bandwidth @ $42/mb

    All of our customers are currently do for billing which makes this date a
    clean break point for all involved parties. If you will be taking the new
    offer, you can visit and signup for the
    service and use coupon "Cogent Transfers". Any service or hardware that has
    not been delivered can be credited for those that decide to pass on the
    offer. IPs will be issued ahead of time to all customers, but anyone that
    has not paid by midnight on Tuesday will be assumed to not be making the

    This decision was made to benefit TransOptics as well as existing customers
    to continue to provide dedicated web hosting services. Sorry for any
    inconvenience, but the dates outlined above can not be changed.


    Chavvon Smith
    TransOptics, Inc.
    This is a little shocking to me being that I only had somwhere around 2 business days to decide what to do. I've tried to contact Chavvon by phone and cannot reach him no matter what time I call. I left a message and I have not received a call back. I also tried the operator and no luck there either. I really want to talk with someone to find out what exactly is going on... will I have a new ip, when will I know what it is, is my server staying the same, etc???

    This email also mentions a P3 server package, while I only have a Celeron Why do I have to pay double my rate within two days of my invoice? If there are any current Cogent customers that may have received this email and have additional info, please respond... I'm confused and shocked.



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    I received this as well. But, I also received a similar notice two to three weeks ago and that change never occured. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of follow-through. The network has always been top-notch .... once you actually get a server.

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    I got that mail about 24 hours ago too. Quite pissed off because of such short notice. I mean IP change is a pretty serious stuff and only given 72 hours notice. I am considering to leave at this point.

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    they probably found it hard to maintain at that price. Even for Cogent, it's a bit on the low side if it is 3mbit dedicated.

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    I can't afford this price-hike so most likely I will be finding a temporary home for my site and selling it somewhere if I can't find a cheap place. I hope they're happy at how many people they annoyed and how many sites could be in jeopardy because of it.

    It really did seem to good to be true. If anyone finds any similar deals with similar prices let me know.

    Jeff Dyer

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    It really did seem to good to be true. If anyone finds any similar deals with similar prices let me know.

    Jeff Dyer
    Well, you know what they say...
    Jason Murdock

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    I wonder if this is affecting the eServers customers who took advantage of that offer as well.

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    It definately was too good to be true. I'm gonna be looking for a new server over this next month myself. I just paid for this month to keep my site going... I feel ripped off

    I may actually want to spend a little more if I have to... I want something that won't shaft me the next month.

    I went from $75/month to over $140/month including taxes (and I live in MD, why am I paying taxes???). I can't see the value in that for just Cogent bandwidth... add to that I have to get a new ip so I have to redo all my dns entries and apache setup so I'm 100% guaranteed to have my site down at some point


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