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    fastservers unlimited domains per host?

    Simple question that I don't see answered anywhere on the fastservers site. Do they allow unlimited (name based virtual server) domains on a server? Do they charge any fee per domain?

    I'm looking for a host for a site that has lots of small websites with their own domains. So I want a service that has free unlimited domains which are easy to add. (Like Rackspace does, but don't need a managed server or the extra cost associated with it)


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    Sounds like you need a reseller plan. Most hosts have them available.
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    Got a reply from sales. Unlimited free domains, just what I need.

    Anyone using them? Do you do the DNS yourself or do you need to get customer service to add new domains for you? If the later, what is their turnaround like?


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    I currently use them, and it is all done by you via WHM

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