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    Cpanel Bandwidth Monitoring


    As far as i see in cpanel it calculates HTTPD + POP3 + FTP bandwidth

    Now i have a couple of sites which are not hosted on this cpanel machine they are hosted elsewhere but MX record is pointed here and mails downloaded from cpanel box

    Volume of Email is quite substantial ( about 50 Megs a day atleast) but still when i go in view bandwidth usage it shows 0 Mb used. Note that this site does not do any traffic besides pop3 / smtp on the cpanel server

    Should this traffic be shown in cpanel when mails are being downloaded into outlook using servers ip , pop3 un and pw

    My host says cpanel does not calculate pop3 bandwidth.


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    Are you using the bandwidth link in your Control Panel? I would think this should show pop3 traffic, but I could be wrong.

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