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    Cool Hallowen Special @ Mas3000

    Hello WHT,
    Mas3000 is offering this Halloween Special for the next 5 days only. First, let me start off by telling us a little about our servers. We make sure we have only the fastest servers to provide the best connections and uptime for you. If you were to sign up for the Halloween Special you woul hosted on the following:

    - DUAL Intel P3 1.2Ghz Processor
    - 2 x 60GB 7200RPM Hard Drives w/RAID1
    - 1GB RAM

    We are connected only via quality bandwidth providers with NO Cogent. Check out our specials below and see which one is right for you:

    #1 -
    75MB Space
    5GB Transfer
    50 POP3 Emails
    50 FTP Users
    - $8.95/month
    - Free setup

    #2 -
    150MB Space
    10GB Transfer
    150 POP3 Emails
    150 FTP Users
    - $14.95/month
    - Free setup

    #3 -
    500MB Space
    20GB Transfer
    Unlimited POP3 Emails
    Unlimited FTP Users
    - $24.95/month
    - Free setup

    Well, thank you for looking over our specials and I hope one of them fits your needs. Please contact me on AIM: msiacl or ICQ: 163075727 if you're interested or have any questions. If I'm not on you may email [email protected]. If you'd like you can post your comments too.

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    500GB Space
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    Thanks Miha, fixed.

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