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    NO REPLY at merchantexpress??

    sent an email 2 days ago, they don't seem to have any customer support at all???? the url is

    a few people recommend them on this board. WHY? They dont even reply to inquiries

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    I vaguely remember emailing them also back when I was searching for a merchant account, never heard a word back. Guess they didn't want any possible new business?

    Best of luck,


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    I contacted and (both merchant account resellers) when I needed a merchant account and neither replied. This is representative of the type of service you should expect from them when you are a customer too. Avoid them both.

    I eventually applied for a merchant account through a local bank with an excellent reputation. It costs a little more but I receive better service and I have no worries about some unknown bank withholding my funds at their discretion.

    It's a huge marketing gimmick and farce when these merchant account resellers tell you it's too difficult to get approved by a local bank. Research the bank thoroughly before applying for a merchant account.

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    Re: NO REPLY at merchantexpress??
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    Originally posted by labzone
    I contacted and (both merchant account resellers) when I needed a merchant account and neither replied.
    I hate for my third or fourth post here at wht to go negative, but here's a log of my experience with . I'll leave it to the reader to make up his or her own mind about these fine folks.


    Well, chalk up another one that talks the talk but fails to deliver.

    July 8th - ezmerchantaccounts is in possession of my application paperwork, and my site meets their requirements in terms of posted policies and having a secure ordering page set up. I am told to expect my merchant account to be activated in a week's time.

    July 15th - Called ezmerchantaccounts to check on the status of my app, left a message. Got a call back a few hours later stating that my paperwork had been lost (my immediate thought was "how f'g nice of them to let me know"...however, I remained calm and polite). They stated that they would re-submit it, and the account should be set up in a week or so.

    July 23rd or 24th - Called, again inquiring as to the status of my app, was told they expect it back within a day or two.

    Jul 25th - I get a call from ezmerchantaccounts telling me my account has been approved by the bank, and that my account number would be arriving via email shortly.

    July 26th - No ID or account numbers yet, so I call to ask when I can expect them. I'm told that I would have my info sometime before the end of the day, and that if there were any problems, they would call me right back.

    July 27th - Saturday afternoon - Still no ID or account info, and no callback from I call, but they're gone for the day. I then call, who check their records and inform me that there is no account under my name, nor has one been applied for. Starting to feel more than a little annoyed at the situation at this point, I write ezmerchantaccounts and ask them to please cancel my application.

    That evening, I get an email from Barry at ezmerchantaccounts stating that my application HAD been approved on the 25th, but that the bank had been slow in issuing numbers that week, and that the bank's web interface had gone down completely on Friday. He went on to say that the number would be issued on Monday. I wrote back that if he could indeed get me the number by Monday, that I would stick it out. I also told him that if had had let me know any of this in the first place, I would have been fine with it, but that I found the lack of communication to be unacceptable.

    July 29th - Monday - Did I get my account info? Of course not. I received an email from ezmerchantaccounts, in which they forwarded along this cryptic piece of literary brilliance from the bank:

    >"07/25/2002 Pending conditional approval only; need see
    >secured order page with contain credit card information"

    Notice the date on the forwarded email - 7/25, which means that easymerchantaccounts had been sitting on this for four days without bothering to let me know, or, more likely, based on their previous responses to me, without bothering to read it in the first place.

    I wrote back asking just what the bank was talking about, as my site and secure order page was (is) up and functional, and my refund and cancellation policies as well as my pricing are all very clearly posted in accordance with their instructions. Later that evening (still July 29th), I get the following from easymerchantaccounts :

    "I'll take care of it. Barry"

    That was the last I ever heard from them.

    July 30 - Late afternoon, I emailed ezmerchantaccounts asking if they had heard anything yet. No reply

    July 31 - Called NOVA directly and was told by a customer service rep that my application wasn't even in the system. Upon explaining the situation to her, she said it sounded as though NOVA had not received the "Addendum To Merchant Application", which is an additional piece of paperwork that they require from internet merchants. I couldn't remember if I had filled this out or not, so I asked her to fax it to me. Turns out it was in fact among the forms I had filled out and FedEx'd to ezmerchantaccounts back in the beginning of July. Where it could have gone, assuming it was gone, is anyone's guess.

    Anyway, having still not heard anything back from ezmerchantaccounts by mid-afternoon of the 31st, I wrote and again asked them to cancel my account once and for all. No reply to that one either, but at least they're consistent. Goodbye, and good f'g riddance, is all I have to say.

    Based entirely on this experience, it's my opinion that ezmerchantaccounts is just another half-assed operation, and which gives every appearance of being nothing more than someone's "side business" instead of a full-time professionally run company. I could be wrong, but that's the way it looks from here. Their apparent bungling of the paperwork combined with their very real and utterly horrendous lack of communication in this thing has been inexcusable.

    I suppose my very first clue that trouble was on the horizon should have been their use of an unsecured order form, which submits your personal info to them via an unsecured copy of formmail. In my enthusiasm to get going, I overlooked this obvious telltale sign - this is a company that's in the business of internet credit card transactions and it's inherent security risks and related precautions, yet they don't have the sense to secure their own forms?

    At any rate, you can draw your own conclusions about, but my recommendation, as you might guess, is to stay far, far away from them.



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