Most of you probably already heard about the new eNom rules that prevents any ETP or sub-reseller to create reseller accounts with a price lower than $8.95.

We are currently offering you the ability to get a $8.45 reseller account through us. How does that work?

After you dign up with us, we will set you up with a $8.95 reseller account at eNom.com. For each domain name you order, your account with us will be credited for $0.50 which will be sent to you by paypal after 90 days (eNom holds all funds for 90 days!) when your balance is at least $10.00. The reason why we don't go under $8.45 this way is that - as you'll understand - our administration costs increase enourmously due to the fact that each order should be logged by our staff.

The setup fee for all this is only $10.00. Please send your paypal payment to [email protected], and your account will be set-up within 12 hours.

Kind regards,