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    I was in a hurry for a new hosting server last night and hastily choose this one. More than twelve hours later, I have no FTP access, etc.

    All I have is a autoresponder email, which I get another copy of when I try to write to their tech support.

    I guess this (autoresponder) is what they mean by 24hr service?

    We filled out their form & gave credit card info, etc., so they've got our money but we still have no service.

    If you're in a hurry for a server, I'd advise you skip these guys.

    - [email protected]

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    Okay, thanks!

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    Final update on nodehosting...

    This email to nodehosting gives a little insight to their responsiveness (But, hey, at least I got out of the deal!)...


    Thanks for your prompt confirmation of voiding this transaction.

    True, I 'jumped the gun' by an hour, in frustration with your lack of response to a new customer.

    As for the rest of your communication, it is false.

    We have been here all morning and, in fact, I got in at 7:35 this morning! (A record for me!) The phone has rang only twice and it was answered promptly both times.

    Your telephone support is somewhat lacking - after holding three minutes (I pressed '13') I got disconnected.

    Your online chat support worked as well. After five minutes, this is what I had:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.
    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    - Hank Castello

    Web Design & Programming
    Also Database & Custom Software
    Fast, Inexpensive & Professional!

    -----Original Message-----
    From: [email protected] [mailto[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 1:32 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: {NH-67} Help Desk Response

    Your ticket with the Node Hosting Help Desk has been updated. Because you are receiving this message, does not mean the ticket has been closed. If the Tech working your case is requesting futher information, please provide it as soon as possible so that we can continue forward. ----------------------------------------------- Tech working ticket: (Frank Arena) ----------------------------------------------- Time: 29-10-2002-1:31 : Transaction voided. Just for the record, we have to verify all orders by phone prior to setup. On the account, it shows that we attempted to call with no answer. This is clearly stated on the order form that you signed up on, and on the confimation page that you saw. Our hours of verification are from 8am until 7pm central time. Also, you stated 16 hours. Your email was not sent until 10:36pm CST, so 16 hours would have been 2:30pm today - a little over a hour from now. If we would of been able to make contact with you by phone per our policy, you would have been setup at this point. We hope that you will find a host with your needs. Thank you. If this ticket has been closed, and the problem still is active, you may log in and reopen your ticket with futher infomation noted to the ticket. Please state that the ticket was closed prior to the problem being resolved so the Tech(s) can escalate the problem and give it the highest possible priority. Thank you for using the Node Hosting Help Desk Support Solution! Please visit our forums at and let us know what we can do to better serve you both now, and in the future! Thank you, Node Hosting Internet Services Frank Arena Administration and Support

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    Maybe they don't have any servers availiable:

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    Nodehosting is pretty good now. You may have hit them at a bad time. But normally they are pretty good.

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    Sorry to hear about that Hank, hope it works out in the future.
    - Ross
    For quality hosting at a quality datacenter -
    [email protected]

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    Attempted to check out "" after reading this thread.

    When I clicked on the links in the email to "compusolver" noted above I got the following message,

    "Bad request

    Invalid request -- no address for host"


    Webbing Along!!!

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    It seems ok from my end. Maybe there's a little glitch?
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    Did NodeHosting Support Team Disapperared?
    I can't reach them, the server is down for more than 2 days now and I don't know what to do???

    Does anyone knows any information about them, or when they will be back???

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    Frank is on a week long trip and should be back next week i believe. THe rest of the staff should be around i dont know what they are doing.

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    3 days to get servers? Wow, it usually takes us 1 hour, max 24 hours.
    Kaumil P.

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    Yep, just got back all, hello and I see that we are in the middle of a blast on this boards.

    First, not sure why support lagged, and why accounts were not setup. I am going to meet with Jeff in the morning and figure this out.

    Second - for 3 day setup - It says on the page that it can take up to 3 days depending on if we have them in stock or not. If we do not have them, it takes us about 3 days to order a new one in and put it on the rack configured to the customers request. Besides, when was the last time that anyone has setup a Win2K Server in 1 hour and had it functioning properly? That is very hard to do even if you used a ghost image.

    If we have the servers in stock, it is usually a couple of hours depending on options, OS, and other things.

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    I was in a hurry for a new hosting server last night and hastily choose this one. More than twelve hours later, I have no FTP access, etc.
    Uhhh.. excuse me.. but that's your fault. If you're in a hurry, you should be e-mailing people and getting agreements on when you can be up. Not just expecting things to happen.

    But in other light, NodeHosting seems to have alot of problems in the past few months.

    Still doesn't make your bitching right after such little time.

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    You need to give host time. Getting a dedicated server takes some time man. I mean if you go through rackshack or something the only reason it dont take them long is they have such a high overhead they have serveral hundred already setup that just need someone to be assisnged. Nodehosting builds them to your needs and can take some time.

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    Angry This is FAKE

    It is now 6 days and NodeHosting Server is down

    I can find NON of their technical support, they didn't even contact me..

    Their ICQ, LiveChat, Email Support is OFF.

    I have more than 15 sites, all down.. and I am switching now to another hosting comapny.

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    Which site is yours, as we are working the last of the tickets (mail restore, user restore, etc) and do not see your issue. Our site is up and we only had one server that crashed, and are working everyone as fast as possible.

    We have also responded to all email requests, our live help through the front page and support areas is active through our site, and our AIM, ICQ, and toll-free number is being answered. I am not sure why you are not able to obtain support by one of these means as we have put all sites back up that were on the server that crashed. On top of all of that, the server was gone for 4 days for the longest client that was down, not 6. Still bad yes, but making a point there.

    Please either open a ticket through our system, or email me direct at [email protected] and I will get your problem resolved.

    EDIT: Not sure who you are still, 12 hours later after you made this post and I responded to it, still have not had one request for support since we finished all the tickets, and you have not responded here.
    Last edited by NodeHost; 11-02-2002 at 12:47 AM.

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    my sites are:
    + 13 more websites.

    nothing is working,

    where is your live support????
    where is your email support????
    where is your ICQ????
    Isn't it:
    Alan: 166187805
    FrEakz: 83573256

    may be you are blocking me...

    My IP Address is:

    EDIT: By the way... you have just billed me from a week,
    Check Invoice # 3166 at 10/22/2002
    Last edited by Visioner; 11-02-2002 at 09:46 AM.

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    Dear NodeHost,

    My site are till now not working, Do you imagine this!!!!

    No one can access any of the site since it asks for a user name and password to login, although they all have anonymous read for all.

    I made a support ticket SINCE THREE DAYS and it is not fixed yet.

    but I got a reply todays saying:

    This ticket is open with no further information attached to it, so it will be closed


    and your support said just add new account to have FTP accces
    as if it is my firast day in hosting...
    I told your support that there is NO FTP ACCESS at all, if there was, just send me a single user name and password..
    It appears as if PORT 21 is closed for me.

    3 days now since your server are back, and my sites are not working...

    I will list it to you, just to know how big the problem I am in: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I hope that you are not doing it in purpose.
    if not

    tell me WHY my sites are not back????.

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    I just signed with,

    please check if you can refund the last bill.

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    Why would we do this on purpouse? Point being here, if you are going to post the ticket, post it correctly.

    The ticket was closed WITH A RESPONSE telling you your reseller user/pass will not FTP into your user accounts. You have to use your user accounts that you created to FTP into them. Then the ticket was closed. You reopened the ticket, not stating any problem, just leaving it sit open. We placed the ticket on HOLD waiting for your response, of which you did not give one, just posted here.

    I am not completely understanding of this, as you did not email us, or update your ticket with the issue that you are explaining here for the world to see. We do not provide support through Web Hosting Talk, it is not our board, and not our ticket system. We rarely see the posts out here unless we are directed to them, or happen to see them.

    I see that you have signed up with another person. I will cancel your account (by the impression I get by your post) and process a refund since "our support lacks" when our support is not getting the full issues here.

    Per all the posts that you put into the ticket system, here it is:


    my user name is: *******

    I cannot login by the FTP in any of my sites,, ...,

    Anonymous in not allowed to view the website.

    User/Staff Responses


    I will look into this right now. Please feel free to call the Node Hosting toll free support number at 1-800- 291-0663 or update your ticket with a phone number to reach you at and I will call you if I have any questions.

    Thank you for choosing Node Hosting,


    Info from ticket 86

    IP Address: *******
    User: ********
    Pass: ********

    I can reach both your domains as well as trace route from all the major world NameServers, so DNS is resolving. I do receive deny when entering your user/pass. Please advise if the log-in info below is correct.

    Frank Arena

    Your main account (eldaleel) will not have FTP access to a site. That is your admin account only. The accounts that you create under it are the accounts that have FTP/mail/etc. Hope that this explains a little on this situation.

    Frank Arena

    This ticket is open with no further information attached to it. Please let us know if you are having a problem.

    Note: Ticket was closed several hours ago, now showing open again.


    That is what was in the ticket system, not what you posted. And the last ticket is what you have NOT responed to except here on the board. If you are going to complain about our company, that is fine, but at least show the truth that we were trying to help, but you will not provide the information that we need to help you.

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    This is what I did...

    Dear NodeHost,

    This is what I did..

    I didn't want to switch hosting, this is a big problem since I will have to upload about +100 MB.

    Alan did very good support, where is he now?????
    where is your ICQ support that I used in the past month and it was perfect 100%.

    When you are away, I found your ICQ status away,
    Now, you are not even away, the 24 Hours.
    (you are totaly offline in this second)
    Alan disappeared.

    Don't Check only the support ticket, since with every support ticket there are more than a reply by email.

    I have added more than FTP Account, nothing working.
    .... may be you don't have time to read the support ticket carefully??

    And after your server is back it is normal to check every account to see if it faces problem...
    till this second.. nothing solved... and all the domains are still not working.

    The Hosting I switched to is 10 $/month higher than you.
    The Hosting I switched to didn't give me Linux + Windows Account (like you did).

    I didn't switch to it but today = after more than a week of going down all my sites. I really faces great problems with my clients.

    This is not a joke, "during the past 48 hours I sent and recieved from you more than 20 emails"

    The Last one to your support was direct:
    I CAN NOT FTP any site, neither by user name or any
    other account.
    There is NO FTP, if there is, please tell me the user name and

    I didn't post here but after 10 emails sent to your support, you can check your emails system and see.
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    I can't speak to the previous poster's problems, but for some reason I cannot get anyone at Node Hosting to cancel my account and issue a refund.

    On 10/15, I set up an account with Node Hosting.

    Shortly thereafter, the company started experiencing major problems with its Sprint connection.

    On 10/23, I requested cancellation and a refund as per the 30-day guarantee.

    I've sent numerous emails and posted numerous trouble tickets (all deleted now, for whatever reason, but I've saved the emails), and keep getting promises Node will issue a refund and the accounts were cancelled, but my requests for confirmation on cancellation and refund have been ignored thus far.

    I can still log into the master account (so it's obviously not cancelled), and I just got my credit card statement today (11/12) with the original charge (and still no refund). I also got an email from support on NT server issues that apparently was mailed out to all customers, which prompted yet another email from me to Node to the effect I SHOULD NO LONGER BE A CUSTOMER.

    This has gotten so silly that I just filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, since nobody can seem to tell me when/if the account was/will be cancelled, and when a refund will be issued. If anyone from Node is reading this, you could head things off by PLEASE cancelling my account and issuing a refund.

    Kevin Whited

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    Email me directly at [email protected] with your information and I will get onto it first thing in the morning as to what is going on with your account.

    We have had a couple of people send us that they want to cancel, then we get another email that they can not log in anymore. Thus we set them back up.

    We stopped deleting accounts until we issue the refund to prevent losing information on people that were not really sure what they were doing with thier accounts. Appearantly, after someone tells you to cancel thier account and process a refund, a week later they expect to be able to log into the server still and use it as a resource. So now it is our policy on the refund, that we do not close the account until the refund has been processed.

    Email me direct as requested and I will work on this first thing.

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    I can still log into the master account (so it's obviously not cancelled)
    Just because you can log into your account right after you cancelled doesn't mean the account hasn't been cancelled. I was told by another hosting company that cancellation takes 7-14 days after cancellation notice has been received for accounts from that company before the accounts are actually cancelled. Customers have access to their accounts during that time, but as far as I can tell, aren't charged during that timeframe. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

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    Frank: Thanks for your response. I've emailed you at the address you listed.

    Alex042: Cancellation request was posted 10/23. Card still had not been credited as of 11/12, nor accounts cancelled. That's longer than 7-14 days, and that contradicts what one of their support people (not Frank) emailed me directly (which was, he "thought" the accounts had been cancelled). I've been patient, but I've gotten contradictory answers and would rather get it all sorted out. From what I've seen on these boards and my own limited dealings, I think Frank will be the person who can do that. But thanks for your input! Patience usually is a good rule.


    Kevin Whited

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