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    Directoris - Latest News

    Anyone who does not know me (Vincent Hirth), I am the founder and CEO of Directoris.

    In the recent past, we have had many problems, all of which I take full responsibility. I believe that we have made substantial improvements in both hardware and software as well as our services. Hopefully the problems that have plagued us in the past will remain just there, in the past!

    I realize that it would be too much to expect even this message to dissuade all from responding negatively. But let me assure you that all future encounters that provide constructive and respectful complaints will be met without rancor or pejorative adjectives but with professionalism and concern.

    I trust that you will take some time to visit the new web site ( and see for yourself what improvements we have made.

    In addition, we have more plans to upgrade both our web site as well as our services. Please feel free to just browse. Take your time. But when you are ready to put your web site up on a serious host, remember us. We will be happy to make you a deal that will be difficult to beat!

    Let’s put the past behind, like two old friends who cannot remember what the original fight was all about and shake our “virtual hands”. Any of our previous clients are more than welcome to be set up again.

    I would like you to find us to be a valuable tool for your web site. It is our goal to be your “Personal Business Partner”.


    Vincent Hirth (CEO)
    [email protected]

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    Feel free to send this to your past clients who have left due to (insert reason of your choice here), but posting it here I consider it spam. I don't really care what improvements you have made, etc, or that you plan on being professional in the future.

    -- Unamused.

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    Thank you for posting on this forum and thank you for your suggestions. It is intriguing to know that even my competitors can offer to help me. We have already contacted many of our clients, both active and inactive to appraise them of our position regarding the forums and the past grievances logged.

    However this message was intended for the forum participants who we felt that we owed a response. The fact that we neglected to preface our remarks with that explanation is the only reason we feel obligated to respond to you. And again we have you to thank for pointing out that omission.


    Vincent Hirth (CEO)
    [email protected]

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