Has anyone here with hostmatix.com had to deal with their help desk? Anyone else had deleted support tickets?

I have been enquiring on why my bandwidth meter has not been working for close to two weeks now. My first support ticket was answered with "we are working on it" about 24 hours after I submitted the ticket, then deleted. I asked again yesterday, and got this today. "we are working closely with this problem, thank you very much for letting us know. Please dont worry even if you really have extra traffic. support"

So I take it if I go over, I shouldn't have to worry about them cutting off my service, or charging me for over bw charges?


They do have a aim support guy, but he always just tells you to submit a help desk ticket...which gets responded to if you reply to your own ticket it seems. Speed is good, uptime is good, its just the support that gets me.