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    Thumbs up Special Thanks to All, and Special Offer

    First, the thanks:

    I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the special national magazine advertisement featuring a coop of WHT participants. We filled every single spot in the ad, and had others who were interested but weren't able to get in because we ran out of space.

    Lots of great folks here at WHT will have their full-color display ad featured prominently on a page in the Web hosting industry's most respected print magazine. Tens of thousands of subscribers, along with thousands of trade show attendees, will see their ads.

    Special thanks to the publisher, who worked with us to make it possible for WHT members to get ad space with a rate card price of nearly $400 for under $100.

    I wish everyone who participated great success with this very special opportunity, and I can't wait to get the December issue in hand to see the fruit of our labor.

    Next, the offer:

    I will coordinate another cooperative advertising effort, giving you the chance to have your full-color display ad in the industry's best magazine for under $100.

    If you're interested in getting your ad in front of tens of thousands of Web hosting industry professionals, this is an opportunity you surely won't want to pass up.

    Contact me via e-mail:

    [email protected]

    for more information.
    I thank my Lord for all His wonderful blessings.

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    Could you invite some of the companies that bought from you in the last edition in to comment on their results? I'm not looking for "I had 200 signups", but I'd like to see if traffic, or leads were increased.

    Also, could you kindly point out the pages we can find the ads you sold. (in Hosting Tech)



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    Steve....we couldn't be more pleased with the way the advertisement turned out. It looks professional, clean and tasteful. We are in again!

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    I am also interested...

    Count me in...

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