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    Exclamation ---> Beware!

    I used to host some personal sites with them years ago, their prices were good and they advertised in all the right places. But their services is the worst i have ever seen. Rediculous.

    I have recently come back to to move my old domains from their servers, my original host was a reseller,, but they went bust and bought them up. my domains are under their control! they registered thru TotalRegistrations, but i have e-mailed every other day for 4 weeks now to have them unlocked fro transfer!

    any1 know a different method of contacting them?
    Seems like a ghost town! no one there....and i have tried all the e-mail addresses.

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    whois the domains and contact the registra
    if you can prove u own the domains to the registra im sure they will let you transfer them.

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    i have tried that! they say only can handle them.

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    You want to take a look at the .NET forums where this has also been discussed and you can find some contact details there. Sqaure Internet and Starhosts are run by the same people. (Just running under a different name, as far as I am aware)

    See this thread:


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