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    Question Banner ads management with credit card payment intergrated

    I would like to know if there is a banner management software which incorporate a credit card payment? Meaning the potential clients and top up the money in their account either PPC, CPM, CPC and etc...

    Thanks in advanced.

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    If I had to guess (since I don't know), I would say 'no'. Usually when things get into being able to be a complete business just with a program, people don't want to give out the code (for obvious reasons).

    You might be able to get something like WebAdverts and piece it together with other scripts and such, but I find that writing my own stuff is usually half as hard as trying to screw around with someone else's code (especially several different pieces of code from several different programmers).

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    Have you looked at AdCycle? I used it a while back and can't remember if billing is incorporated into it, but there may be some plugins somewhere for it.
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    You might also want to take a look at (ASP, MS Access or MS SQL).
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    I am currenly using adcycle but I intend to migrate to PHP banner management system instead.

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    certify : does that mean you need a php solution for something that does the similar job as adcycle ?
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    Yes but prefer with a credit card payment module feature with it. I will be managing up to 10 or more websites and I need an ad management system that ara capable to handle it.

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    Originally posted by certify
    I am currenly using adcycle but I intend to migrate to PHP banner management system instead.
    Yes that is a very good piece of software!

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