Anyone care to guess when the reseller section for will be finished??? Back in May when I was told it was to be released in the next few weeks it was to be called I've actually seen on their forums where one customer has been waiting since the end of February 2002. Now it may just be called the reseller section, I don't know.

Anyway, after waiting for the move and the new site design and seing on the site "more to come in the next few days" for a few weeks, anyone care to guess when it will actually be ready?

I see now that they have the sign-up for the reseller section in two different places so they are actively working on something.

Every time they've given me a timeline they've missed by a couple of months so I'm guessing that the....early October....mid few days....will stretch to early December.

Anyone else care to guess?

And before I get flamed or anyone replies about how "these things take time" I'm not slamming them. I've been waiting for quite a while so I think it's ok for me to check and see if anyone else is impatiently waiting or if I'm the only one that thinks this is a long time to wait.

Maybe we can get someone to offer a prize to whoever gets the closest