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    Built by Husband & Wife both 48 Years old Please Review !!

    Hello Young pups, We really need your ideas to spice this rascal up some. Also need some Tips for those mean search engines too. Any ideas you have Thanks in advance.


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    Okay, I'll take this because someone is claiming I'm young.

    First, the table border doesn't look right. It's not even a highlight color of the background, and it takes away from the images.

    The black background is pretty strong, a lighter contrasting color would do better. Black can be used for accents, and even the menu buttons, but using it as a table background clashes as is. It's harsh.

    The page background color would be hard to compensate with another color. Perhaps another color would do, something that'll match the blue seal.

    The gray ring around the blue seal needs more anti-aliasing.

    Overall the site needs layout reformating. It looks early 90's, and for a professional site, it needs to move with the times.

    Look around here for some examples and get a feel to what the layouts look today. That way you can spot the rigidness in designs, and how to free it more so it's appealing to the eye of visitors (the aim is to keep visitors looking at your entire site, and returning. In the fast paced world of the internet, just keeping a visitor at your site for a minute is a feat!).

    Ask questions if you need answers/help too (helps in understanding -why- this or that is done in a design). The more you know, the more you'll understand what makes a site "good" and how to attract more business.


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    I see that you've tried to optimize the splash page for search engines, but I have to say... It's not going to get anywhere.

    Btw, the very small font text you have that reads: Realestate in misississippi,homes,new homes in ms,house listings,agents,homes for sale,builders,developments in Brandon,Madison,Clinton,Ridgeland,Florence,Byram,Flora,Canton,Pearl,Terry,Hinds,Madison,Rankin county -- It will not be counted or read by search engines. That trick is way past its prime.

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    <snip> Hello Young pups </snip>
    Hehe thats funny . We maybe young but we are older than you when it comes to web design .

    The front page should not have a huge text block then a picture than another huge text block. That is poor design in my view . Wherever you are hosting this is pretty slow because when I click to enter it takes a good 2 minutes to get in when it should fire off in a second on my t1. The state within a state picture is a nice touch but i do not think it should be as big as it is. Make that like a logo and put it in a cornoer or display it with your layout; but make it smaller. The color scheme really needs to be changed. It throws your buttons off with the black on old-yellow or whatever that color is. You need to make the site more attractive. Its just boring and does not make me want to purchase a home. The links with the people to contact mostly have the same number so it looks redundant. Display it neatly and just use one contact number.

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    Thanks for the replies. We'll take this advise make some changes. BUT to the rest of you out their STOP and view this site and please keep posting we need all the help possible.

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