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    Designer for Print & Web

    I do fast, high quality work. Check out my portfolio at!

    Any additional inquiries can be directed to the inquiry form on site!

    Thank you for your time.

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    too hip for the corporate crowd. good creativity.

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    Originally posted by anantatman
    too hip for the corporate crowd.
    LOL! Too hip? God, I love that. Even so, I design sites to my client's satisfaction. There's a good reason that a majority of my clients come back for more!

    "Too hip for the corporate crowd..." That's great! Can I use that?

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    lol, well I'm sure 311 and the rest of the members here on WHT who are sick and tired of PixelBrick/Ceonex's 2D/2D design style will be interested in Joe's work.... Art is a way of expression. If Joe's style expresses what a company wants to express to it's potential customers, than he's going to be making dinero.

    It's good to try something new, be different from the rest. Good luck Joe

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    Don't see how you're taking it negatively. I agree about the creativity and taking chances. But after working with hundreds of corporate clients, I can say from experience and experimentation, that they don't like spending a pretty penny for something that will be totally out of the world.

    Of course when the minimum project price is about 5-10 K , and that's why they like to be conservative with what they want. Some thing a little too "hip" at a certain time, won't be as appropriate in another.

    "If someone else uses it and it works, then we should use it because then we don't look unprofessional." As an artist, you have to do a good job in getting your ideas out. But when you're hired, you are commissioned for a certain product that the client wants.

    There are of course instances where straight out of the box is needed. There is a situation for everything. It also depends on who you're clientele is.

    When I say "corporate" I'm talking about a 50-100 person company, who's been in business for atleast 10 years. Selling something "different" to a seasoned company is a bit harder than selling to one that's 6 months or even a year old.

    I could go on and on about this, specially from every which angle possible, but it won't make a difference if noone understands.

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    Oh, believe me! I understand completely. I've done a few "corporate" sites before and know how hard it can be to put aside whatever artistic integrity I might have to satisfy a client. Like right now... I'm working one a series of templates for the corporate market. Still in the Avg-Joe style, but considerably more business than what I currently have in my catalogue.

    Still, I appreciate the critical eye. I just thought it funny the way you worded the whole thing. Definitely going to stay around with me for a while.

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