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    Opinions needed


    i beckon all the host gurus to come to the aid of a web developer who is new to needing a host. i do not want a sales pitch, however, i'd like to know if any of the audiance has suggestions, advice, or past experiences that they'd like to share with me

    Thanks in advance

    i'm new to needing a host, so i guess i'll just state what i'm looking for.

    i need to run ASP applications (web apps, just simple web pages that can update local files (see CMS )) that read/write to/from XML files (meaning, I need to be able write to files at the IUSR level). I need XSLT. I don't want requests from my app (server side) to local XML data files to be considered page hits and/or traffic. I need XMLHTTP, I need .ASP's HTTPrequest property set to accept Local/and External files (READ http:// [added space];EN-US;Q291841
    ). I'm accustomed to working with windows boxes and IIS, so a microsoft flavor would be desired. I'm eventually going to want to run .NET apps so i'll need support for that too.

    I want to be able to log visits (via my own app) on the fly (so I can keep the nuts that i work with from bringing my site down with programs that simulate http requests). i need to ftp 24/7, i probably won't need that much support, however tons of documentation would be nice. and 99.9 percent up time is desired (why wouldn't it be, eh).

    about the site, it's more or less going to be a portal for my code. prospective clients can view what i've done, and what i'm capable of doing. basically, a portfolio site, that's not too graphic intensive, yet very script intensive (.js:client / .asperver). I definitely don't need 50MB storage / 20GB traffic to start, however, don't want to have to sell one of the natives to pay my bill if for some reason i tap my max traffic count.

    let me know if you provide this (if you're a salesperson)
    let me know if you subscribe to this provider (if you're a developer)

    thanks all!

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    Well. . . let me tell you about a company called InfoBeen. Great service, blah blah blah blah blah. Hehe, just kidding.

    Didn't you post this same post on Webhosting Requests?

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