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    domain names - whats the most reasonable/best?

    I currently resell dotster but I want to know what is the most profitable. I run a free hosting service so I would need it to plug in standard DNS servers and have a high degree of customization- but also be cheap. Dotster charges 12 cost and normally people sell for 14.95 so that's really not much if any profit there.

    Any suggestions? I could potentially sell alot but I don't want a bad product either

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    enom resellers USE to be the lowest price you can get with an Enom ETP is $8.95

    if you have $7K, you can get Enom's lowest pricing of $6.95/domain

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    And if you don't have $7K, you can find a subreseller and you can have a $8.95 account. Some resellers still have a few under 8.95 accounts, but you have to pay for this.
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