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    A better Webhostingtalk

    Well, I've been thinking a bit about how to improve on WHT and I've ponder on the severe limitations of forum-like structures. It is very difficult even with a search engine and logically arranged sections (main forums/webhosting forum), to manage information which can be used at a later stage.

    The most popular forums has more than 100,000 posts on several hundreds pages which do not simply cover the official subject in the forum. Furthermore, it is very very difficult even with a SE to look for specific things.

    What I propose is a hybrid version of forum structure, like merging vbulletin with Dmoz and Google. Carry out a search on Google and you'll have research AND summary with weight attached. This is not the case with vbulletin where priority is given to time factor.

    Just think about it
    my 2 cs.

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    Wrong forum, this should go into web hosting talk suggestions.

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    yep wrong forum, and this is something that would have to be suggested to vbulletin's simply not feasible to ask WHT to do it

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    it can be done by WHT by simply signing up with google. they allow google search to be used on your own sites. of course, the google logo appears..

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    Or just always travel with your Google toolbar.
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