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    question about advertising


    im looking for some online banner advertising to put ads on -- (free invisionboard hosting) -- i cant find any sites that are good and pay CPM. I looked at doubleclick and 247media = they require more, ill get them -- one day. burst/valueclick/and some others dont support free hosting/forums. tribalfusion doesnt allow free hosting.

    if anybody knows any good sites that offer programs for publishers, let me know? or if you would even like to advertise your website/forum on our forums for a small fee, again, let me know. thanks.

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    Are you looking to advertise or want to provide space for advertisements? (kinda confused and is quite late here )

    Either way I may be able to help

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    I really would not go far into the free hosting thing if you are soley relying on advertising income. I run an advertising network, and your traffic really isn't worth too much unless your able to seperate the sites into market segments, and if your system is capable of placing different ads in different categories.

    I know many profit on the free hosting simply by the referrals they bring in, but there certainly isn't much to be made by the traffic.



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    traffic is great. and ads are targeted. each board has its own catagory and then there are specific ads for that catagory.

    whats your advertising network?

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    sorry. been busy, but back. anyways:

    ive found -- so far, ive earned $0.33 with about 20k impressions and 10 clicks.(in 1 day) -- but does anyone know if they really pay?

    I also need to find some other good ones, anybody? *BUMP*

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