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    * Need Help, please

    Hi, everyone.

    I'm sorry for posting my problem here but because there are many webhosting and internet gurus around here, maybe someone can help me.

    I have 2 sites hosted on 2 different companies. As they are not completed yet, I'm working on them using password protected directories. Until 2 days ago there was no problem, but now I'm facing a very strange problem that I can't solve.

    When you point the browser to the protected directories, a window must open asking for a username and a password. But, my browser does not display that window, and can not connect, going into a page not found error.

    I ask some friends to try connecting to these protected directories and they did not report any problems. It seems I'm the only one facing the problem.

    Another thing even more strange is that after trying to connect to these protected directories without success, I just can not connect to my unprotected ones either.

    This is very strange, at least to me, and I have no idea of what is happening. If anyone has ANY idea about this, please tell me.

    Thank You all.

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    Are you certain your host didn't change IPs on you or something? Have you changed anything lately?
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    No. There is no change either at the webhosting companies and at my computer. I think the problem has something to do with my ISP. I don't know what they might have changed that is hurting my connection. The worst is that they don't know too.

    This is very strange and I can't find any solution to that.

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