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    Newbie Here - WonderMonkey

    Hello all. Looking forward to participating in the forum. Common story from me I am sure. I am a software developer who has purchased a rack server and is going to co-locate at a local isp. I already have customers lined up to "break-even" but am looking to learn from everyone here on how to actually profit *gasp!*. Not looking to load up the server overnight but rather slowly as I learn.

    Is there already a place where I can go read the responses to the typical newbie questions so I don't have to be annoying?


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    You could try the forum search? | sales | 800.710.8004
    LA Grand Avenue, Rancho Cordova, cages, racks and power plus HE Fremont cabinets available!

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    HA! Yeah I though of that as well as soon as I posted and will of course use that before posting some generic question. BUT.... I didn't know if there was some sort of FAQ with the "Top 20 Newbie Questions..." or something.

    But yeah, that dang ole search will be useful!

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