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    Well..... I hate to do this, because I really hate hearing what an amature I am, but could you take a look at my site and tell me what you think? My site is a "Law Enforcement" site, but has lots of other stuff to do (like games, movies, and soundboards).

    I built it from scratch, and it has grown pretty rapidly. For the first year, I averaged around 50 visitors/day, but over the last few months that has grown to over 2000 visitors/day. Last week, I added the "Cop Shop", to start selling some T-Shirts to offset the cost of the site. The site has no paid advertising.

    My site uses lots of "Included pages" to make life easier for me because the site is up around 250 pages now.

    By the way..... I am looking for recommendations on how to build a better "link bar" along the top. The banner and links along the top of the page is done using an "included page", and I tried to make it so it is compatible with different screen resolutions. It just doesn't seem to look right to me... so I would really like recommendations on a better way to control my navigation.

    Anyway.... Let me have it!!!

    How do you like my sig line?

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    The banner graphics are very harsh/bold, especially with the 3d/beveled edge thing (or whatever it's called). Just need to be toned down so it not so overpowering.

    As for the navigation, you could go with a portal design to solve your nav problem. Maybe even a PHPnuke style site, doesn't have to use the program, just the design/layout style.

    The lighter shaded text is somewhat hard to read with the background.

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