Due to the recent purchase of my own dedicated server, I'm thinking about venturing into the world of hosting... I need an expert here to give me some tips and answer some questions. First I'll give you the run down on what I bought.

Intel Celeron 1.3GHz
60GB EIDE (7200RPM) HD
400GB/Mo. Transfer

And yes, I got it at RackShack. My web site, which is a nintendo web site, earns about $600/Mo. in sales, advertising, etc so I figured it was time to leave my host (50GB transfer, 5GB space) and buy my own server. Since I'll probably only end up using like 10GB of space and 100GB transfer each month, that leaves me with most of my resources unused. Roughly, I'm willing to sell 40GB of space and about 300gigs of monthly transfer. Anyway, on average, how much is a gig of bandwidth worth? Secondly, do you think the plan I have below are too expensive or too generous?

2GB Space,
20GB transfer
Ensim 3.1

Anyway, just need some advice. And btw, I posted earlier that I am looking for someone who knows how to administrate Ensim... I am not very good with it. If anyone wants some free web space and transfer in exchange for their services... email [email protected] and I'll get back to your tomorrow afternoon.